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Embedded Systems Architect



Negotiable - Permanent

Embedded Systems Architect
Job description
Technical leadership role. Management and development of product security design for international automotive organisation. Responsible for leading overall development and collaborating with other high-level personnel to advance the progression of vehicle security.
Roles and responsibilities
• Development and design of vehicle security system
• Efficient and effective management of design team, understanding strict specifications
• Ensuring team remain on track for deadlines, portraying effective time management
Preferred qualifications
• Minimum of 5+ years security design experience
• Experience with cyber security protections for; Cellular, Wireless and cloud, embedded systems, and for mobile/web application
• Familiar with cryptography topics in large scale application
• Strong English literacy skills; speaking, reading and writing
• Experience conducting design reviews of systems, networks and applications
• Ensuring part/product details are specific and clear for developer to create
• Experience with embedded systems and the understanding of the embedded ecosystem
• IOT experience is preferred but not essential
Company information
• International Automotive organisation with a turnover of over $200 billion
• One of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers
• Invests billions in R&D
• Recognised in over 150 countries, globally

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