5 Strategies for Winning the Talent War

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We have previously reported on the growing demand for certain skillsets and this article is ...

We have previously reported on the growing demand for certain skillsets and this article is from the Amoria Bond Blog. 

Industry bodies such as the REC continue to warn about the threat of talent shortages and the increasing “skills disconnect” especially in areas such as Engineering, IT & Power.  This is something we warned about in our original Whitepapers”The Future Fight for Talent & Strategies to stay Ahead of the Game” and subsequent recent updates. **

As global demand continues to rise, we discuss the top 5 things employers can do to ensure they stay ahead of the competition when it comes to recruiting the best staff.

1. Keep the talent you have:  Obvious?  Yet poor economic conditions often mean employers neglect retention.  The problem with this, and what we are seeing now is that when the jobs market improves, unhappy staff begin to look at their options.  Retention is the No 1 key to attraction.

2. Listen to your employees: The major advantage in building your employer brand is your audience is right in front of you every day. Talk to your people.  Take the opportunity to really understand them.  

3.  Know the competition: How often do you benchmark yourselves? In our experience it is not always just about salary, so if you are unable to compete on remuneration you can concentrate on your other strengths.

4. Concentration on communications: Don’t make the mistake of assuming a strong external brand will see you through.  We come across many global brands who have poor reputations amongst our candidate communities.  This could be down to something as fundamental as not giving interview feedback.

5.  Be flexible: A major game changer. Not just within working patterns but also within your job requirements.  Sometimes something as simple as dropping a ‘must have’ such as industry experience can open up your choice of talent and increase your chances of filling your role.

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