7 Ways You Can Improve Workplace Culture

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Building a positive company culture is an integral part that creates a sustainable business....

Building a positive company culture is an integral part that creates a sustainable business. According to research by Deloitte, there's a direct correlation between companies who are named as 'the Best Place to Work' and their business performance or success. If you think about it, it's easy to see why.

Organisations that foster a positive company culture helps their employees feel more motivated and perform better than those who do not. In other words, it's immensely crucial for all companies and brands to foster a workplace culture that boosts morale. Here's how:

Loosen the reigns

Don’t get me wrong, having rules that are clearly outlined and enforced provides structure in the workplace. They generally avoid inefficiency and prevents employees from getting distracted or involved in unnecessary situations.

But it's important that rules are not set just for the sake of it. Think about the purpose behind it, the value it may add and if it is absolutely necessary for the performance of your business.

Creating and enforcing many rules, especially if they are pointless or redundant, can often lead to making employees feel restricted or worse, patronised! To create a positive working environment, consider setting rules that are reasonable and ensure employees feel that their needs are taken into consideration. Chances are, they'll soon be more respectful of the rules at work.

Do the little things

Often, it’s the small things in life that brighten your day and boosting the morale of the office doesn’t take a lot. Foster an open, fun and diverse workplace by introducing fun elements like games, snacks or team lunch to build positive work relationships. You’ll find that your employees will appreciate the extra thought and the entertainment.

Create clear goals

Set out exactly where the company is heading and how you plan to achieve it with each department or team member. Inform employees of company plans or changes so that they know how best to contribute. Setting clear goals will help to map out employee's paths and allow them to take charge of their work performance. This will also help to reduce stress and anxiety levels in the office as people are reassured about the future.

Initiate regular incentives

Dedicate some time to acknowledge everyone’s hard work because it allows them to feel appreciated. Instil a positive competitive working environment and employees will tend to work better.

An example of a fun incentive you can easily introduce into the workplace is monthly lunch for the best performing team or individuals. Simple gestures like these will go a long way in increasing overall work performance. Better yet, encourage better work relationships among employees and have your team vote for those who have gone above and beyond to help others.

Cater to the needs of your employees

This one is rather straightforward but extremely important and highly effective in fostering a positive workplace environment. Modern-day businesses must ensure that all basic employee requirements are met so that work can enrich their lives. Things like pensions, bonuses and healthcare should be a few criteria that companies should always provide. 

And in a less literal sense, the needs of your employees also include other emotional and mental needs. For instance, creating a safe space at work so that employees can receive emotional support and encourage an open-dialogue community to enable honest discussion on all matters whenever is needed.

As according to Mercer’s 2018 Global Talent Trends report, employee’s health and well-being should be prioritised alongside financial wellness. To truly create or improve workplace culture, businesses of today must uphold an approachable workplace environment so that employees are well-cared for – financially, emotionally and mentally.

Knowing who is right for the business

To create the best work culture, you’ll need people who are going to get along with each other and get the work done on time. So when hiring new employees, it's essential that they not only have the relevant experience and qualifications but that they should also bring positive values to add to your business and fit perfectly with your existing team.

Often, the better the employee relationships, the better the quality of work is produced. Why? Because people tend to work better together when they feel like they can speak to each other and ask for help so be sure to nurture a positive, friendly work environment!

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How to create a unique workplace culture

Just think about what you would like in an office. What would motivate and inspire you to perform better every day? How can you help your employees feel more at home, relaxed but still stimulated to achieve success?

Workplace culture is all about creating a comfortable, positive and pleasing environment for everyone to work in because performance and success are directly correlated to motivation. So if you can create an environment that employees feel like they are well looked after and catered to then, you’re onto a winner.

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