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We are pleased to announce that Amoria Bond has partnered with Interview Fox to make it even easier for recruitment professionals and aspiring recruiters to show us your best selves when you want to join the award-winning Best Recruitment Company To Work For!

Interview Fox is a Germany-based platform that helps applicants prepare for job interviews by creating a brief company profile and crafting thousands of potential questions that you're likely to be asked. 

Amoria Bond will be sharing access to Interview Fox to potential applicants for positions in our Cologne office, who will be able to view insights into the current opportunities we have available and review company and industry-specific questions and topics that we recommend they prepare before their full interview. 

By being open about our hiring process and the details we expect to see from candidates, we can ensure that interviewees feel comfortable and well-informed when they come in to see us. In line with our dedication to Progression, we want everyone to feel they have all the tools available to put their best selves forward even before they start working with us. 

We're looking forward to seeing our first few candidates come through the Interview Fox platform and benefitting from being fully informed and prepared for the interview process. 

Want to prepare thoroughly for an interview at Amoria Bond? Then visit our brand new Interview Fox profile here.

Of course, if you have any other questions about working at Amoria Bond, you can always contact us directly - we'd love to hear from you!