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Congratulations to Lisa Harding, who has made such an impact as performance coach since joining the business in September that she has already been voted “PROFES Of The Month” for October!


Our PROFES values – Positivity, Respect, Ownership, Fun, Excellence and Success – shape everything that we do as a business and each month we ask our staff to vote for the person who has most embodied them.

In just two months Lisa has already shown how well she has embraced the PROFES mindset and reflected our values throughout her work and interactions with her colleagues.

Lisa truly goes above and beyond when helping our recruiters improve their skills. Often found with her head in a job spec absorbing herself in the renewable market, Lisa takes the art of a roleplay very seriously indeed! She is passionate about the development of the consultants she works with – she celebrates their successes and spends her evenings seeking solutions to their problems (such as writing out a series of voicemail pitches in the night)

Not only does she care, but she’s also excellent at what she does – coming up with creative ideas for improving performance and simplifying processes.

When asked about her award, Lisa said: "It's nice to come in somewhere new in a completely new role and be recognised for my efforts. Everyone has made me feel so welcome, which has made my job so much easier"

It's easy to be PROFES , when you are surrounded by like-minded people!"

Rookie of the Month

As well as our PROFES champion, we also have two winners for Rookie of the Month in October. Our UK Rookie is Jake Duffy, who has been recognised for his amazing, enthusiastic attitude and great feedback from the L&D team for his higher-than-average role play scores.

He gets stuck into the culture, gets involved in things socially and has been a great example of how hard work with intensity and strategy can pay off. Jake consistently throws himself into the job; he’s incredibly opportunistic and has a fantastic PROFES attitude.

Our Rookie of the Month for DE/NL teams is Veronika Koteva, how has really shown a deep desire to succeed and help Amoria Bond grow to the next level. As part of the Talent Acquisition Team in Amsterdam, Veronika has built a strong network that is expanding day in day out and has provided consistent results even in recent times of changes.

When we welcomed a new starter to the team, she really stepped up her game, doing regular roleplays and 1-2-1 sessions, helping where she can, giving training to both new Rookies as well as seasoned Recruiter joining a new role. She approaches every day with positivity, enthusiasm and a desire to succeed.

As PROFES of the Month and Rookie of the Month winners, Lisa, Jake and Veronika get to enjoy a place on the next Lunch Clubs. If you have the PROFES attitude, you too could enjoy Amoria Bond’s fantastic, inclusive culture and benefits. Find out more about life #InsideAmoria.