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Great things come in threes, and that includes our latest round of progression news at Amoria Bond, with Marc Danielski, Darrell Khohonggiem, and Aydin Yakar all earning well-deserved promotions. Congratulations to all!


Having been with Amoria Bond for exactly six years on the day of his promotion, Marc was given the opportunity to step into a vital position for the Netherlands team as Talent Acquisition Team Manager.

After a successful perm and contract desk, Marc will be turning his attention to growing the headcount of our teams in Amsterdam, finding the absolute best recruitment professionals to help our clients and supporting our ambitious G.R.O.W.T.H. plans.


Also in Amsterdam, Darrell Kohonggiem has moved to step 4 of our “10 steps to the top” program as Senior Principal Consultant.

Having worked with the business for five years, Darrell has proven himself as an excellent recruiter who works tirelessly on gradual improvement in all areas. He’s known for being extremely entrepreneurial with an incredible ability to smell a great opportunity when others can’t.

Associate Director Andrew Barrow said: “Over the last five years, he has developed into Amoria Bond Amsterdam’s “Mr Social” himself!  Darrell is always optimistic, positive, willing to try something new.  He dives into difficult situations and conversations with a laser-like focus on how to create a solution!

He is PROFES TO THE MAX, helpful and real asset to the division and office!!!!”

And last but not least is Aydin Yakar, who has been promoted to Consultant after only joining our Cologne office this year!

Despite a challenging start, Aydin persisted by taking on board feedback, putting in the extra effort and accepting support from his team. And in the end, it paid off with impressive results and a well-earned promotion.

Matthias Günther described Aydin as “the most persistent and hardworking individual I have ever mentored.”

“After he had a tough start with Amoria Bond and was struggling with the intensity of the job, most other rookies would have given up at this point. But he took the constructive feedback from our side day after day and kept not giving up, no matter how many rejections he experienced. As he did not show any signs of resignation, we believed that the hard work will eventually pay off.”

Progression is part of the job at Amoria Bond. 90% of our leaders joined us as trainees, and 1 in 2 of our recruiters have been promoted this year. Learn more about our culture of progression if you’re interested in joining our award-winning team and progressing your own life.