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Consultant - Janine Ercore

Janine Ercore

Business Support Executive


Janine is a business support executive within Amoria Bond’s Cologne office. Janine works hand in hand with sales and the legal department to provide essential internal sales support and specialises not only in internal deal completion cards, but also in the completion of all documents from our contractual partners.

She also plans and coordinates all internal and external events, business trips for colleagues and manages various projects for Amoria Bond.

In addition, she manages all pending administrative activities. She is in daily contact with the accounting department and checks invoices from and for Cologne to ensure smooth operation. Janine also writes weekly and monthly reports to support and motivate the sales team by illustrating incentives and taking care of the execution of them personally.

Furthermore, Janine is an important member of the Cologne Culture Committee, which provides support and commits to improvements in the daily processes of the company.