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Julia Cottrell

180 Resource Consultant


I am a recruitment consultant at Amoria Bond for the IT sector. I have over six years of professional experience in the sectors of Sales and Marketing, Public Affairs, Health, Child Care, Sports, and Retail. 

Having lived in a variety of countries (United States, Netherlands, Malaysia, Venezuela, and China) has allowed me to make adapting quickly to new environments and meeting new people one of my major strengths, which I have transferred into my professional experience.

I have developed important skills such as social media analytics, SEO, communications in the digital age, and how to best connect with multiple types of audiences. I am very driven, proactive, analytical, dedicated, and sociable. I thrive in working environments that are fast-paced and different every day. When I'm not working, I am dreaming up my next entrepreneurial success. I have a growing passion for running, climbing, and scuba diving and love to discover new places, people, and cultures.