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Team Lead FS-CD, BP & SAP HANA found

Insurance company was looking for a Team Lead FS-CD, BP & SAP HANA, and had been looking for over 6 months.

Global Healthcare Company fills urgent outstanding QA contract role within a week

This global healthcare company, based in Switzerland, unexpectedly lost one of their key employees within their QA department

Pharmaceutical Company approaches Amoria Bond to fill urgent Quality Role

The client needed a temporary replacement within a team of two focussing on third-party quality assurance, due to maternity leave

Financial Services Provider finds External Audit Managers

This Financial Services provider approached us as they were looking for External Audit Managers.

Mortgage Provider finds 2 specialist Uniface Developers within a week

Dutch mortgage provider was looking for Uniface Developers. All their preferred suppliers had failed to deliver on the assignment.

47 freelance IT vacancies filled for Global Bank in 2015

In 2015 we delivered over 300 CVs, culminating in 138 interviews which turned into 47 candidates placed into the organisation.

Results 1 - 6 of 21

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