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Andrew Beard Nov 11, 2021

Welcome to the first of our special 4 part mini-series of our podcast; Progressing Lives Everywhere through Unlocking Effective Communication.

Your host Andrew Beard is joined by international experts to explore the importance of effective communication in business and society at large, responding to claims by many commentators, such as Number 3 ranked CEO in the world Bob Chapman, that “the language of business is broken”. 

In this episode, Andrew is joined by Sara Hannah of the Barry Wehmiller Group - who has worked closely with Bob Chapman - who shares her insights into how World-Class organisations and leaders communicate, and how they equip their employees with the skills to achieve and maintain communication mastery.  Andrew also explores  the concept of 'People over Profit' with Sara:

Andy also discusses the concept of the MSC leader with of  Petra and Ineke from the Potential Project

Later in the series, you can hear from High-Performance Podcaster and author of Liquid Thinking, Professor Damian Hughes, as well as Esther Crichton and psycholinguist Felicity Wingrove.

Listen now on your favourite podcast platform by searching for Progressing LIves Everywhere, or you can watch the full episode below. 

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