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The theme of Mental Health Awareness week this year is ‘Connect with Nature’ – the evidence is overwhelming that spending time in nature is important for our mental health and wellbeing.

Bringing nature indoors and looking after ‘house plants’ can also improve our mental health - so in May Amoria Bond offered to buy every employee a house plant for their desk at work or home.

Getting outside for a short walk during breaks, walking 121 meetings, taking lunch outside to watch the world go by, or even or looking out of the window and taking time to notice the world around us, are some simple steps we can encourage employees to take in our daily routines to connect with nature during the working day – not just for Mental Health Week but every day.  

Interestingly, even looking at scenes of nature can have a similar effect to the real thing, so we shared colleagues’ photos of their favourite scenic views and nature spots on our office screens.

We also packed our internal employee Wellbeing HUB Newsfeed with helpful articles and Podcasts about why nature is so important for our mental health and ideas on how to connect with nature despite our busy lives.

You can access some of our Wellbeing resources on our free Wellbeing playlists here.