Embedded Software & Systems

Embedded software and systems are at the centre of accelerating technological advancement - controlling machines and devices not typically thought of as computers. The sector is already influencing our everyday lives, and its impact continues to grow rapidly. 

Specialised embedded software developers are scarce and highly sought after as the demand for integrated software in electronic products increases. If you’re looking for specialists with knowledge of embedded C, Rust or C++ or need someone to embed sophisticated software in applications such as routers, optical network elements, aeroplanes, missiles, and even process control systems - we can help you. 

Our expert recruiters have deep sector knowledge across their advanced engineering niches, enabling them to successfully fill hard-to-fill embedded systems and software positions with extraordinary talent, time and time again. Their relationship-led approach allows them to build credible, lasting relationships with embedded software and systems professionals globally - giving you access to the very best, most relevant candidates when you need them to ensure your continued success.

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