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We are a multi-award-winning Wind Energy recruitment consultancy focused on helping the world's most innovative businesses progress with the best talent in Renewable Energy.

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Wind Energy Engineering Recruitment

Our Wind Energy recruitment consultants specialise in finding engineering professionals with experience and capabilities for the installation, construction and operation of everything from wind turbine production to full development of utility-scale onshore and offshore wind farms across the USA, Europe and APAC countries. 

Wind energy is a key area of focus for many countries looking to achieve their renewable energy goals, as the improvements in technology and production make it a more efficient and cost-effective method of clean energy generation. The permanent and contract-based engineering professionals that our dedicated wind energy teams source for our renewable power & energy clients bring specialist skills and knowledge to achieve project goals and progress lives through clean, reliable wind energy generation. 

Our global network of engineering specialists have an in-depth understanding of wind farm design, installation, and maintenance, as well as expertise in the latest advancements in wind turbine technology. By hiring these specialists, you ensure that your projects are executed efficiently, safely, and in compliance with industry regulations. Our commitment to screening and vetting candidates ensures that you only receive the most suitable and capable professionals, saving you time and resources in the hiring process.

Whether you require engineers for onshore or offshore wind projects, construction or maintenance roles, or executive positions within the wind energy industry, we have the expertise to fulfil your recruitment requirements. Get in touch with our specialist wind energy recruitment experts today.

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