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Recruiter FAQs

What qualifications do recruiters need?

For the job of a recruiter, you should have completed an apprenticeship, a university degree can be an advantage. The professional backgrounds of our employees, however, are very diverse - what matters most to us is not qualifications, but personality and skills. The hard skills you need as a recruiter are taught by our experienced Learning & Development Coaches in regular training sessions.

Can I become a recruiter without experience?

Definitely! Of course, experience in recruitment or sales can help you to progress faster. However, at Amoria Bond we believe that a successful career as a recruiter is based on personality and skills. Everything else is taught to you by our Learning & Development Coaches in regular training sessions. You can find out which skills we are looking for one question further down.

What skills does a recruiter need?

Successful recruiters are strong communicators, resilient and ambitious. They also often have a success-oriented mindset and are motivated to always develop themselves. Other qualities that will help you in your recruiting career are empathy and to be able to build relationships and networks quickly.

Is recruitment hard?

All beginnings are difficult, and that certainly also applies to the job of recruiter. But if you have the required skills and the right mentality - and enjoy your tasks - then the job will become less and less hard for you, and you will master the ups and downs of the so-called "recruitment rollercoaster" with ease.

Read Marc's success story in our blog to find out how you can make it from initial starting difficulties to a recruitment expert - and what great benefits this brings with it.

Will I like recruitment?

Are you a strong communicator, resilient and ambitious? If you also have no problem approaching people, have a structured way of working and are willing to go the extra mile for your personal success, then you will enjoy your job a lot - because the possible benefits and earning opportunities - especially through our uncapped commission scheme - are incredible. Check out our videos on #InsideAmoria TV to find out why our employees definitely like their job!

Is recruitment a good job for a graduate?

The recruiter job is ideal for young professionals who are eager to learn and are looking for a career with top progression and earning potential. A university degree can be an advantage when starting a career in recruitment - but it is not a must, as this job is very much about skills and personality. 

How much does a recruiter earn?

This varies depending on the career level and, of course, the company. When you join Amoria Bond as a trainee, you can expect a competitive fixed salary plus commission. With us, you'll also benefit from a market-leading uncapped commission model, so your earning potential is dependent on your own success and is unlimited. Our transparent progression plan also shows you how your salary will increase per career level.

How can I stand out with my application?

If you want your application to stand out, you should follow some tips for an all-round good recruiter CV. You can read them in this blog article by our Cologne Talent Attraction Manager Yasmin Schröder. You can also download our free CV template on our careers page!

How do I prepare for an interview as a recruiter?

For useful tips, such as what questions to be prepared for in the interview for the recruiter job, you can either read this blog post by our Talent Attraction expert Helen Cassin - or listen to our short, informative podcast episode on interview preparation by our very own TA team.

What progression opportunities are there and how can I become successful as a recruiter?

In our transparent progression plan ("10 Steps to the Top") we record which goals have to be achieved for which level. With us, everyone has the opportunity to rise to the top - regardless of gender, age, background, etc.

If you want to know how to become successful as a recruiter and get to the top quickly, you should listen to this podcast episode from our very own recruitment experts for valuable insights. Key words for a successful career that our two speakers also cover: Resilience, perseverance, motivation, communication skills, empathy, networking - and not being afraid to go the extra mile.

What is the daily routine of a recruiter (at Amoria Bond) like?

Recruiters of course have their regular tasks and often follow a certain structure during the working day - nevertheless, every day in recruitment is varied and exciting. It's not for nothing that the term "recruitment rollercoaster" is often heard within the industry. Find out in this podcast episode how recruitment consultant Rosalie masters the ups and downs of this exciting career path on a daily basis - or read our informative blog post "A day in the life of a recruiter" by our Talent Attraction expert Veronika Koteva.

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