Sector Trends & Insights

Sector Trends & Insights


Our specialist recruitment consultants are experts in their sectors, keeping up with the latest trends and developments in advanced engineering and technology so that they can reliably source the most qualified, relevant professionals for your business.

Now you have the chance to benefit further from their expertise, with our collections of the latest trends and insights from your industries. 

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Renewable Energy Sector Trends

The energy sector is changing quickly and in the present climate there is a greater need than every for skilled, qualified professionals to work on commissioning, installation and maintenance of wind, solar, hydro and battery storage projects. 

Learn everything you need to know about the global renewable energy market from our latest downloadable pack, and find out why Amoria Bond are the right business to help you secure the best professionals for your renewable energy projects. 

Download the full pack using the link below. 

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Hiring Trends Spring 2022

In a candidate-led job market, employers need to keep up to the needs and desires of the people they want to attract and retain. In this hiring trends pack you can learn from our recruitment experts what you need to do to improve your employer brand and attract the best talent. Download all our insights for free.

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Embedded Software Sector Trends

In the latest edition of our sector trends for Advanced Engineering, we've collated insights from some of our leading recruitment professionals who specialise in embedded software, with their views on the trends of the global embedded software market, the hiring challenges you may come across and the advice they have for creating a strong STEM recruitment strategy.

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Technology Sector Trends

If you want to be able to source and retain people with the key technology skills your business requires, understanding the market and the motivations of those specialists will help you create a strong employer brand proposition. 

In the first edition of Sector Trends you'll learn from our leading Technology experts all the latest insights on creating a successful recruitment campaign, recognising the challenges of the current marketplace, developing alternative organisational models and much more.

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