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Advanced Engineering is a forward-thinking sector that influences everything and everyone. Advanced Engineering professionals are advancing a better tomorrow, whether it be the embedded systems that automate our lives or the renewable energy sources that power the world. As a specialist Advanced Engineering staffing agency, we're focussed on helping innovative organisations and bright talent progress within the industry. 

We find niche and hard-to-source sector specialists and hidden and passive candidates to transform businesses through our extensive global network of Advanced Engineering professionals, proven search methodology, and international client base. We understand how important it is to access the right people with the right skills at the right time. That's why we dedicate our efforts to matching the best and most diverse candidates to the best opportunities so you can accelerate and gain a competitive edge in your specialist field. 

Our team of Advanced Engineering recruitment consultants deeply understands the industry and specialisms. We can access the market's top advanced automation engineering jobs by utilising our knowledge, established client network, and exclusive partnerships. Our experts specialise in permanent and contract recruitment, supporting the industry's skilled individuals with their future career search. At Amoria Bond, we aim to help professionals that can drive change and growth within Advanced Engineering by placing them in positions that will enrich their career and positively impact the industry.

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We work with you to understand your specific requirements to ensure we deliver the people and skills you need to transform your business. When supporting candiddates, we take a similar approach by listening to your occupational objectives to ensure we match you with the right role to advance your career. Ultimately, we take the hassle out of hiring and the job search process, reducing your time and stress when looking for your desired role and minimising the cost to source, attract and hire the most relevant quality candidates. 

At Amoria Bond, we have the vision to be the best service-driven consultancy and Advanced Engineering recruitment agency in global STEM markets. Progressing Lives Everywhere is our purpose, a commitment to enhancing the lives of our clients, candidates, and colleagues. Since 2006, our founders have taken a community-driven approach to make a positive and sustainable impact on the global community and environment. Operating in more than 40 countries worldwide, we have built a reputation of being one of Europe's fastest-growing privately-owned Advanced Engineering staffing agencies. 

If you need support with finding the people who can take your business to where you envision it going, or if you require assistance with your next job search, we can help. Find out more about our Advanced Engineering specialisms below or submit a vacancy or your CV, and we'll be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your specific requirements and find the talent you need. Discover why Amoria Bond is the perfect Advanced Engineering recruitment agency to help you progress today. 

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Advanced Engineering Sector Trends

In our second Advanced Engineering issue, we cover cyber security in the automotive sector, the impact of machine learning on the engineering industry, and why it is so important to promote women's access to STEM professions.

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What people say about us

What people say about us

After only a couple of days a limited number of resumés were send to me and they were all spot-on candidates. Thorough, transparent, good feedback, just delivers what you need. Whenever I need a candidate, Amoria Bond will be my first stop.

P. Storck - I.N.G

Fantastic, second to none... one of the best agents I have worked with, he took an interest in me and I really appreciated that and the time he took to feedback.

Ann Lewis

They provide proactive information, with daily updates and swift responses to any queries. I would absolutely recommend Amoria Bond as a quality recruitment partner, having already recommended them internally to other location departments and managers.

J. Kiefer - Management Lead

I have dealt with a lot of agencies over the years but this was my first time dealing with a UK company and the consultant was very, very good, had a very personable approach, knows what he is talking about and kept in touch throughout the process.

Paul Bonneau

Specific recruiting needs like diversity, women in leadership or niche markets, and confidentiality were perfectly understood and Amoria Bond were able to meet all and such criteria’s. It has been a pleasure working with them and would highly recommend them to any other company.

L.K Theng - HR Business Partner

Support and communication have so far been flawless. I was very satisfied with the cooperation and look forward to a continued successful partnership

E. Grofik - Head of R&D

It is rare to see a company so driven by their core values, and who really do live by them every day. It's great to work with a business that has such a clear vision and that has built a culture that successfully delivers on it every single day. 

C. Moran - Director

Amoria Bond stand out from the usual recruitment agencies thanks to their outstanding sector knowledge and their quality service approach to both candidates and clients. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amoria Bond to professionals looking for a new job, and to employers looking for great quality global candidates. 

M. Gallagher - Chief Head of Safety
Candidate turned client

The quality of service stands and falls with the qualification and knowledge of its employees. In terms of work ethic, quality of service and reliability, which ultimately lead to a trusting cooperation I would rate the work of Amoria Bond’s consultant as outstanding.

U. Skaloud - Bauleiter Civil (Site Manager)

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Since 2006, we have provided effective recruitment solutions and staffing consultancy services to both employers and candidates. Operating across over 40 countries, our global-service reach is continuously expanding. Discover more about our Advanced Engineering recruitment offering by speaking to a member of our specialist team today.