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Our Award-winning Training and Development

Progression is the foundation of everything we do, and we invest significantly to give every employee the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Our multi-award-winning training and development supports employees at every step of their recruitment careers.

We are proud to have been recognised by every major recruitment industry awarding body as the best recruitment company to work for, and are the only company to have won recruiter Investing in Talent's 'Best Professional Development' award for five consecutive years.

The numbers speak for themselves
The numbers speak for themselves

The numbers speak for themselves

90% of leaders joined us as trainees


of leaders joined us as trainees

89 promotions over the last year


promotions over the last year

>14,500 LMS modules completed in the last 12 months


LMS modules completed in the last 12 months

18 people promoted into leadership roles this year


people promoted into leadership roles this year

92,000 promotion trees planted


promotion trees planted

1 in 2 recruiters promoted in the last 12 months

1 in 2

recruiters promoted in the last 12 months

24/7 access to our Learning Management System


access to our Learning Management System

16 awards won for our learning & development initiatives


awards won for our learning & development initiatives

Personalised purposeful learning

Our multi-channel training accommodates your learning style and preferences and is mapped to your personal and professionals goals. As well as developing you as a credible specialist recruiter and equipping you with winning sales skills, we give you access to expert-led coaching to help you build a sustainable winning mindset for success, mindfulness mastery and personal resilience.

Alongside weekly training and coaching sessions, we provide unlimited 24/7 access to 1000s of expert-led video training modules through the Amoria Bond Academy - our bespoke online Learning Management System -  putting you in control of your learning pace and enabling you to accelerate your progression too!

Personalised purposeful learning

Realise your potential

We never stop supporting you with comprehensive training, coaching and development at every stage of your career. Our track record of developing and progressing our people is one of the many reasons our employee retention - currently 88% - and engagement are so much higher than our industry, and why 98% of employees plan to stay here for at least another two years.

We're a fast-growing business with exciting opportunities across our global offices. If you'd like to be a part of a high-performing team committed to helping you achieve your potential and progress your life and recruitment career, get in touch today.

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Our 10 Step Progression Plan

We're all different. That's why we offer multiple progression routes, which means everyone at Amoria Bond can fulfil their potential. We are proud of our successful track record of internal progression and promotion. Thanks to our supportive coaching-led culture 90% of our leadership team having started with us as trainees - including our three Sales MDs - which means they really understand recruitment and provide unrivalled support and coaching.

What Fabian says

I started at Amoria Bond in Germany in March 2018. From the first day I have felt supported and
I always had and have the feeling that I could ask for support, training and help with anything. Additional to our normal weekly trainings, I am able to book additional trainings for myself with internal and external trainers, and on the AB Academy. This is unique in my eyes and is much appreciated from me as an employee.

Fabian Cologne

What Pierluigi says

I had a tough start at Amoria Bond as the pandemic started in my second month but thanks to the learning and development support at Amoria Bond I still had a great a first year. The training and coaching with my Manager L&D Manager helped me improve plus the AB Academy training modules really helped. Even my MD has supported me with 121 coaching which led me directly to two more promotions within just a few months, as we improved the weak areas but also made the strong areas even better. Now I’m looking forward to building my own team!

Pierluigi Cologne

What Alina says

At Amoria Bond I had the opportunity to go from a Working Student to a Management Consultant within 3 years. We receive a lot of Training and Development support including the company’s own AB Academy with a lot of courses also for personal development. My team and I have a great relationship and we help each other out at any time.

Alina Ferrante Cologne

What Luwam says

When I joined Amoria Bond in 2021, I had absolutely no sales or recruitment background at all. The L&D team were and still are great in offering training in a variety of different methods through the online AB Academy and in person sessions which means that I both get to learn at my own pace and make sure I’m learning in the style that works best for me. The constant support and coaching I get from my team and manager has helped me improve massively from where I started and I have successfully made multiple placements within my first 6 months with the business.  

Luwam Manchester

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