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Technical sales experts hold an exciting key to unlock your growth ambitions thanks to their knowledge about technical and scientific products, including the functions and components that enable them to work. 

We understand that positive business results have never been more crucial and that the pressure is mounting. If you're looking for a sales professional with a proven technical background in automotive and general engineering - someone who can bring in new potential business, prepare quotations for customers, process sales orders from initial enquiries to completion of the sale - then we can help. Or if you need a skilled candidate who can manage accounts, upsell and cross-sell, and most importantly, establish and build relationships with new and returning customers - look no further.

Our multi-award-winning teams have a proven track record of finding technical sales professionals with niche and hard-to-find skills to fulfil even the most skills-scare vacancies. We have an extensive and diverse global pipeline of technical sales candidates. Working directly with hiring managers on D and C-Level positions within the automotive industry and advanced engineering, we understand the market and have the best people on hand to deliver the technical sales specialists you need, when you need them. Saving you the time, hassle and costs of extended hiring processes. 

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