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Embedded Systems Recruitment Experts

Amoria Bond’s specialist Embedded Systems recruitment teams source leading experts who improve lives through advancing technologies in automotive, IoT, medical device and industrial automation businesses. Get in touch to learn more about our embedded staffing services. 

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Automotive & E-Mobility Embedded Electrical Recruitment Experts

Automotive and e-mobility are increasingly reliant on the complex embedded systems that ensure effective and secure operation of functions like battery management, motor control, power electronics and infotainment systems. This creates huge demand for skilled embedded electronics, systems and hardware specialists to work in global OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 firms. 

Our embedded automotive and e-mobility staffing teams specialise in sourcing people with these skills, working with leading businesses in Europe and the Americas to understand the latest developments and specific requirements for this rapidly changing industry. As the demand for embedded systems grows, so too does the need for qualified embedded systems engineers responsible for designing, developing, and testing. Our approach of specialising in this market with teams of embedded experts means we’ve been able to build a unique and expansive global network of engineering professionals with the right skills. 

Our Embedded Systems recruitment teams specialise in: 

  • Hardware design

  • Software development

  • Systems Engineering

  • Verification and validation

  • Security

  • Real-time systems

  • Systems testing

Our recruitment professionals work with global clients specialising across the automotive and e-mobility markets, delivering advanced engineering professionals to work across various specialisms throughout the sector. 

We can help you identify and source the best embedded electrical and electronics candidates for your needs and support you through the hiring process. Get in touch with our specialist automotive and e-mobility embedded systems hiring teams today to learn more. 

Embedded Specialisms

Industrial automation manufacturing

Industrial automation manufacturing

Industrial automation and manufacturing experts design, develop, and test the software that controls the electronic components of industrial machines and systems. This includes software for PLCs (programmable logic controllers), HMIs (human-machine interfaces), SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems, and other industrial automation systems.

E-mobility and transportation

E-mobility and transportation

We source leading embedded systems engineers to design, develop, and test the software that drives the electronics within electric vehicles and other transportation systems:- including battery management, motor control, power electronics and infotainment systems. 

Software & Systems engineering

Software & Systems engineering

Our software & systems engineering recruitment teams find experts in software package development, delivering advanced solutions for businesses and individuals. The embedded specialists we place in this market develop those systems further to operate within IoT devices and drive more intelligent operations.  

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Embedded Software Sector Trends

Embedded software plays a vital role in modern engineering products and devices. As a result, developments within this space have created a massive job market with the caveat of significant skills and knowledge shortage.

Our leading recruitment professionals are experts in embedded software and systems. We truly understand how to manage this market. In this Sector Trends pack, our specialists have collated some of the best updates and advice from the ongoing market trends to hiring challenges you may come across to their advice for creating a strong STEM recruitment strategy.

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