10 top interviewing tips

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Interviews don’t have to be terrifying. They can be valuable, useful and positive experience...

Interviews don’t have to be terrifying. They can be valuable, useful and positive experiences, which could even net you the role of a lifetime. Here’s our top 10 interviewing tips to help you overcome nerves and present yourself in your best light:

1. Promote yourself positively and honestly.

There’s nothing wrong at all with being confident and ‘selling’ your skills, knowledge and experience at interview. But don’t fall into the trap of trying to present yourself as the ‘ideal’ candidate – just be yourself! An honest, sincere candidate is more likely to come across well than someone putting on an act, and it also helps recruiters more accurately match you to a role, because they know more about who you are. 

2. Do your homework.

  What do you know about the company? This is the question you’ll almost definitely be asked at every interview, so make sure you’ve done your research! Have some questions ready, and think about what aspects of the company appeal to you most strongly as you’re likely to be asked this question.

3. Follow the company on social media.

 This is an extra step in researching your prospective employer, and it’s important – it helps you to see another side to the business and to engage in a different way before and after the interview. It keeps you on the employer’s radar and shows an extra level of commitment. 

4. Be on time.

This sounds obvious, but it’s so incredibly important. Leave yourself extra time to arrive with plenty of time to spare. If you’re late, you’ll be panicked and rushed – not to mention making a terrible first impression. With extra time, you can have a coffee, look over your notes and even have a pre-interview chat with your interviewer. 

5. Change fear into excitement to control your nerves.

Everyone gets nervous before an interview, but you can’t let nerves get in your way. Try a few measures to control your nerves, from self-reassurance and extra preparation to taking a minute to turn “I’m scared something will go wrong” into “This could be really exciting if I get this job.” 

6. Know your CV inside out.

Take the time to note down important events, successes, challenges and learning experiences, which will demonstrate qualities beyond your CV. This will give you a bank of examples you can use to answer interview questions – such as ‘tell us about the time you had to overcome a challenge when working as part of a team. 

7. Know what the interviewer is looking for.

You’ve read the job description, but can you demonstrate that you know the qualities and skills that a recruiter needs? What kind of person makes a good recruiter?

8. Don’t forget the pleasantries.

As well as demonstrating how great you’ll be at the job, you also need to show that you’d be a pleasure to work with. Enjoying a social, less formal chat with your interviewers before the interview gets going is a good way to calm your nerves, as well as making a great first impression. Don’t forget to smile!

9. Take your time to answer.

Nerves and adrenaline may push you to rush your answers, but you need to remind yourself to slow down. Take a second and a breath to consider a thoughtful answer. 

10. Be your own best friend.

If you were talking yourself down, worrying and panicking, what would your best friend say in order to buck your confidence? This is the talk you need to have with yourself before your interview, to boost your self-belief and confidence in your own abilities. 

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