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5 Best Interview Tips To Get The Job

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There's no denying that getting an interview for a job is both exciting and nerve-wracking. ...

There's no denying that getting an interview for a job is both exciting and nerve-wracking. We don't mean to state the obvious but here goes: if you don't do well in an interview, then you’re not getting the job. It's as simple as that.

Our advice? Start preparing now if you've got an interview ahead! To help you nail that interview, here are five of the best tips you need to know to ace and get the job:

Prepare in advance for your interview

Clichés aside, preparing well before an interview will do you wonders. It will show the interviewer your commitment to the role and the company from the very beginning! The best approach is to start preparing as early as possible to familiarise yourself with all the information.

Don't be one of the many who 'fail to prepare' as the inevitable 'prepare to fail' will soon follow. Take our advice and prep away as soon as you have an interview date set up. Start your interview prep by researching the company and the job you've applied for and take the time to practice how you will discuss your experience, skills and, what you can offer. Remember, the interview stage is a time for you to sell yourself as the best person for the job.

Be confident

Did you know that most interviewers start assessing and judging you from the moment you walk into an interview? Well, it's true! So, make sure you start your meeting right by making a great (and lasting) first impression.

Learn to exude confidence and work on your body language whenever you can – the way you carry and present yourself is a big giveaway to interviewers. Be conscious of your posture, stand or sit upright, maintain eye contact throughout the interview and listen intently at all times.

For an extra confidence boost: give yourself a pep talk right before the interview and go over the reasons why you believe you are the perfect candidate for the job. Chances are, a mixture of adrenaline and self-belief will kick in and, you'll be as confident as Beyoncé in the interview!

Let your personality shine

While it's true that an individuals' employability is dependent on their relevant skills and experiences, employers are now increasingly making hiring decisions based on cultural and company fit. So don't underestimate or gloss over the importance of being friendly and personable in an interview.

Some HR experts and researchers have found that hiring individuals based on cultural fit or values that align with the company's unique culture are integral to creating an effective and long-lasting team. Just like people, brands and businesses have personalities and, the right fit can make the whole team thrive.

Be honest about what drives and motivates you 

The inevitable 'what motivates you' question is asked in almost every interview. As always, honesty is the best policy, so this should be answered with nothing but the truth.

To answer this question as honestly and as positively as possible, ask yourself this: what was the initial appeal of the role? What aspects of the job did you like? What are your career goals? Where and how does this fit in your long-term plan?

Take your time to understand your true motivations and try your best to explain concisely. As said in the first advice, preparing in advance will give you the upper hand here as you'll be attending the interview well-prepared and equipped to answer.

Just keep in mind that if your only motivation for the job is money, then that should be communicated clearly. And if so, you may also want to consider including other aspects that are important to you like progression or self-development to help you stand out from other candidates.

Communicate your ambitions and goals clearly

Similar to the advice above, communicating your ambitions and goals in life goes hand-in-hand alongside discussing career drives and motivations in interviews. Why? Because nine times out of 10, employers are looking to hire ambitious individuals as it shows an affinity towards proactivity and commitment – two traits that show employers your seriousness about achieving success.

In addition to communicating your ambitions and aspirations, try to demonstrate how their company and the job you are applying are mutually beneficial for both parties. For instance, you can talk about what you can learn and develop from the job that you are applying for and how your input and expertise can help them achieve success.

In summary, our five best interview tips to remember are:

  • Prepare in advance
  • Be confident
  • Let your personality shine
  • Be open about what drives and motivates you
  • Communicate your ambitions, goals and aspirations clearly

And don't forget to try and relax and enjoy the experience as much as you can - remember everyone is rooting for you and wants you too give it your best. 

Don't let the prospect of getting through the interview stage scare you from giving it all. Try your best to keep a positive outlook and instil self-belief early on. After all, you wouldn't have gotten to the interview stage if the employer or hiring managers didn't believe you had what it takes.

Good luck. 

Take comfort and assurance that they've considered what's written on your CV and they liked it enough that they now want to hear from you. View interviews as a chance to show off your charm and personality. Don't let interview nerves get in the way of you getting employed!