5 Clear Signs That Your Career Is Going Nowhere

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Most of us want a career that offers us a good work-life balance and a role that offers us f...

Most of us want a career that offers us a good work-life balance and a role that offers us fulfilment as well as a sense of accomplishment. And for the most part, we would all wish to be valued appreciated for the work that you do. Though it is perhaps a little unrealistic to expect this in a career all of the time but, given the large amount of the day that is spent at work, it is important that you feel happy in your career and in the organisation that you work for.

However, if you’re finding yourself counting down the hours and days until the weekend or to your next holiday and you feel like your skills and talent are unappreciated and getting stale, then it could be that you’re stuck in a dead end job. This will be the case especially if you cannot see a change in this situation with your current employer. Unsure? Here are five clear signs that your career is going nowhere:

1. Your employer doesn’t appreciate the role you do

It can be really demotivating to feel that your line manager doesn’t appreciate the role that you do for the organisation. This also has a longer term impact, if your line manager doesn’t appreciate your role then you will be unlikely to be considered in future for more senior roles as no one will have noticed that you’re doing a great job in your current role.

2. There isn’t a clear career path for you in the organisation

Whilst the timescales might differ from role to role, you should be aware of the ways to advance within your organisation if you want to develop your career at your current company. Your line manager should be able to articulate these plans and more importantly, back you in your ambitions. If they can’t see your advancement pathway or are unwilling to discuss the matter with you then you need to re-consider your position.

3.  You’re not being listened to

If your role is not appreciated within the organisation then it is unlikely that your suggestions or ideas will be listened to or acted upon. Whilst not every idea you put forward would be adopted even in the perfect company, your input into improving the business and the team should be considered and implemented on occasion and where appropriate.

4.  Your motivation is declining

If you’re experiencing some or all of the above, then it is likely that your motivation will be declining and it can be difficult to turn this around without the support of your line manager and colleagues. If your declining motivation is a temporary lull which everyone experiences from time to time then it could be that a new work project or a holiday might help you get your motivation back, but if your mojo has been on the wane for a while and with no improvement in sight then it could be time to move on.

5. The company’s growth has declined

Some of the reasons above are somewhat in your control or at least you can affect directly but one reason why your job might be in a dead end is the general poor performance of the company. If sales are declining or stagnating, then your career opportunities generated through organic growth of the company are likely to be limited. If the poor sales performance has been ongoing then the long term view is not going to be positive and therefore it might be time to look elsewhere for a new role.

If you’re seeing any of these signs, the it might be time to dig out your CV and update it. We're here to help - whether you’re looking for a new role in technology or advanced engineering, or a recruiter looking to move to a global company with offering the BEST training and development in a value-led, high-performing and supportive team get in touch and progress your life today or browse our job board to see all our available opportunities.