5 Tactics To Get Ahead At Work – Part One

5 mins

Are you ambitious and looking to get ahead in your role? Are you keen to achieve your person...

Are you ambitious and looking to get ahead in your role? Are you keen to achieve your personal and career goals and get onto your journey to success? We’ve got some great tips to help you get on and get ahead at work.

1. What does success mean to you?

The first step is to define what you mean by success. Some people measure success by material possessions and high earnings whereas other people put a lot of stock by being in a position to make a positive and meaningful impact on other people’s lives. Clearly success means different things to different people, but the key is understanding what you mean by success and from this point you can define your goals and then create a plan to achieve those goals.

 2. Be approachable and positive

We all know that working in an office can have its low moments but one way to get ahead in business is to remain upbeat and approachable. This has to be balanced against the company performance as you don’t want to be smiling too much if your organisation has just lost a big account for example. However being perceived as positive will have a big impact on your career in the short and long term.

3. Fake it until you make it

Once you have decided what your success story looks like, start to act like you’ve already achieved and reached it. Do you want to be a director in the business? Consider how they behave and work with others and try to adopt that approach yourself.

4. Swerve the doom-mongers and gossips

Closely linked to point 2 on our list is point 4 which is avoid as much as possible the negative people in the office. We all know the people that engage in gossip and spread rumours but these colleagues should be avoided. Make sure that if you’re keeping any confidential or sensitive information to yourself and that you don’t spread rumours.

5. Be helpful

You're probably busy enough yourself with your own workload, however, a key way to get ahead in work is to offer to help others around you. You might not have the time (or the skills) to specifically help on a colleague’s particular task but asking if you can help could make them feel like they are not alone. You might have a fresh perspective to offer that they hadn’t considered.

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