Amoria Bond are raising money for the Turkish and Syrian Earthquake Emergency Response

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Amoria Bond staff have been raising money for emergency response services working on the gro...

Amoria Bond staff have been raising money for emergency response services working on the ground to provide humanitarian aid to those impacted by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Together we’ve raised over €1,000. You can join our fundraising efforts by donating through the Amoria Bond Charitable Trust.

Two earthquakes that hit southern Turkey and northern Syria just twelve hours apart have caused widespread destruction - the scale of which is still immeasurable. At the time of writing, more than 21,000 people are known to have died, and thousands more injured, still trapped under rubble and struggling to survive in freezing conditions. 

It’s been reported that there are not enough medical supplies for even 20% of the people who need it, and workers on the ground are desperate for more aid. 

As well as helping those injured, recovery teams are continuing to search for more people beneath the rubble. As time passes, the chances of finding survivors are getting slimmer and slimmer - yet people are being successfully rescued even 100 hours after the quake. 

Staff from Amoria Group’s Amsterdam office began raising money to help the emergency response teams, with activities organised by Talent Attraction Consultant Ilayda Durak and Senior Consultant Emre Sevim. Within two days the office raised over €1,000, and the fundraising efforts are continuing as more offices get involved. 

Staff are making and selling food or offering other skills to their colleagues in exchange for donations, and the Group has also made a financial contribution to the efforts. 

Providing help and support to those who need it in our global community has always been a big part of what makes Amoria Bond’s internal culture stand out. But the initiative taken from individuals who led fundraising efforts and encouraged their colleagues in Amsterdam is inspiring to all of us in the business. 

Search and rescue efforts are ongoing, and there remain tens of thousands of men, women and children in Turkey and Syria who are surviving freezing conditions with little shelter, with no homes left to return to and nowhere near enough aid available. 

If you would like to join our fundraising efforts, you can make a donation through the Amoria Bond Charitable trust via donorbox:

Every penny donated will go towards emergency response non-profit organisations. Any associated admin costs will be covered by Amoria Group. 

Thank you to everyone who has offered their help so far. 

Our culture of social responsibility

Learn more about the Amoria Bond Charitable Trust and the work we do around the world to support our global community on our CSR page.