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Celebrating Success: Recent Promotions at Amoria Bond

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At Amoria Bond, we take pride in recognising and celebrating the achievements of our team me...

At Amoria Bond, we take pride in recognising and celebrating the achievements of our team members. Over the past months (December 2023 and  January 2024), we've witnessed remarkable growth and success within our company, with several team members achieving significant milestones in their careers. From consultants to team managers, each individual has showcased dedication, resilience, and a commitment to excellence. Let's take a moment to highlight some of our outstanding achievers and the contributions they've made to our team!

Basma Shamoun – Team Manager

Basma's journey at Amoria Bond is a testament to her unwavering determination and dedication. With her recent promotion marking her 5th in 5 years, Basma has consistently demonstrated exceptional resilience and patience, overcoming challenges to excel in her role. Her commitment to learning and supporting others has not only propelled her own growth but has also contributed to strategic initiatives within the company, earning her the well-deserved title of Leader of the Year for Germany.

Vanessa Karl – Consultant

Vanessa's rapid success since joining Amoria Bond is nothing short of impressive. Despite facing the challenges of relocating and building a new client base, Vanessa's extraordinary work ethic and dedication have led to remarkable achievements. Her ability to surpass expectations, evidenced by securing deals in record time, reflects her commitment to excellence and her invaluable contributions to our team's success.

Hadrien Perret – Consultant

Since joining us in 2022, Hadrien has exemplified resilience and determination in his role. Taking over the French Life Sciences market, Hadrien's hard work and motivation have been instrumental in his well-deserved promotion to Consultant.

Cedric Krasinovic – Consultant

Cedric's inspiring journey from leaving his home country to pursuing new opportunities in Germany speaks volumes about his determination and drive. His dedication to building client relationships and providing exceptional service has earned him recognition as a Consultant, showcasing his commitment to success.

Valentin Günther – Consultant

Valentin's transition from professional tennis player to Consultant highlights his adaptability and determination. His outstanding performance, characterized by winning awards and delivering exceptional service, reflects his strong work ethic and team-oriented approach.

Shiva Mondjezi – Consultant

Despite her newcomer status in recruitment, Shiva has quickly made a mark within our team. Her dedication and willingness to learn have propelled her career progression, positioning her as a valuable addition to the DE Perm Embedded Team.

Lisa Harding – Senior Learning Development Consultant

Lisa's journey from performance coach to Senior Learning Development Consultant is a testament to her ambition and dedication. Her commitment to delivering the best training and support to our recruiters reflects her invaluable contributions to our team's growth and development.

Atina Topnesvag – L&D Consultant

Atina's transition from Recruitment to Learning & Development underscores her dedication to personal and professional growth. Her passion for learning and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in her role, making her a valued asset to our team.

Milla Todman – People & Business Support Executive

Milla's multifaceted contributions to our team as Amsterdam office manager have been invaluable. Her organisational skills and dedication to supporting both business and people activities exemplify her commitment to ensuring operational excellence within our team.

Fabian Trepp – Consultant

Fabian's dedication to supporting urgent tasks and consistently going above and beyond in his role highlights his commitment to excellence. His progression to Consultant reflects his professionalism and dedication to delivering the best service to our clients.

Delphine Nalbach – Consultant

Delphine's rapid progression from novice to recruitment consultant within 9 months speaks volumes about her dedication and contribution to our team. Her positive attitude and willingness to support her colleagues make her a valuable asset to our team.

Timo Sondermann – Consultant

Timo's swift progression to recruitment consultant showcases his dedication and hard work. His commitment to excellence and team collaboration make him a valuable member of our team.

Clara Gaschka – Consultant

Clara's positivity, proactiveness, and dedication to her role have been commendable. Her contributions to the team have been invaluable, reflecting her commitment to excellence and teamwork.

Isabel Mendez Blanck-Conrady - Senior TA Specialist

Isabel's journey from working student to Senior TA Specialist exemplifies her dedication and commitment to excellence. Her contributions to talent acquisition and diligent work ethic have been instrumental in her progression within the company.

Thomas Uttecht – Principal Consultant

Thomas's promotion to Principal Consultant within just two years underscores his exceptional problem-solving skills and dedication to his role. His hands-on mentality and willingness to support his team members make him a valuable asset to our DE Engineering team.

Progressing Lives Everywhere - Join us!

At Amoria Bond, we celebrate the success of our team members and recognise their contributions to our collective achievements. Each promotion represents not only individual growth but also the strength of our team and our commitment to excellence. Congratulations to all our recent promotees, and here's to continued success in the future!

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