REC Award Winners For Community Impact Of The Year: This Is How We Progress Lives Everywhere

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It is with great delight that we can announce Amoria Bond received “Community Impact of the ...

It is with great delight that we can announce Amoria Bond received “Community Impact of the Year” at this 2022 REC Awards!

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed this year to our CSR activities. 

What Community Impact Looks Like

Amoria Bond was launched with a clear purpose: Progressing Lives Everywhere. We put that purpose into practice with our clients by providing them with the best recruitment services in Advanced Engineering, Technology and Energy; with our candidates by supporting them in every stage of their job search; with our colleagues by creating an inclusive, fun work culture #insideamoria; and with the wider global community through ensuring our company creates a positive impact through environmental initiatives, community projects and charity support. 

This last one covers the sort of things companies like to talk about, but often forget during day-to-day business operations. But to us it’s always been a massively important part of who we are as a value-led company. 

Through the Amoria Bond Charitable Trust, and with the support of all our colleagues, we’re proud to have made a huge, positive difference to a lot of people this year, most notably to the people living within the region of Las Laderas, Peru. 

This is one of the poorest regions of the world, and a location we’ve been providing support to for over ten years, through our partnership with Project Peru, building homes and soup kitchens, fundraising for a children’s shelter and sending hundreds of care packages filled with essentials every year. 

This year, through money we’ve raised through auctions and sponsored activities, Project Peru have been able to extend their children’s refuge, allowing them to house and care for more children for longer. We also sent a team of employee volunteers to Las Laderas in June to help build the extension as well as another soup kitchen (the third one we’ve built in the last few years) and spend time with the kids and staff there. 

As well as providing shelter, food and love to children who have nowhere else to go, the project also creates local jobs to boost the economy. And the education the children will receive in the refuge will help them gain vocational skills later in life to help them break out of the cycle of poverty. 

Finally we’ve planted thousands of trees in the country as part of our 1:10:100:1000 tree planting commitment which has seen us plant over 60,000 trees worldwide. 

Award-Winning CSR

The REC awards body stated: 

“This award recognises the investment you’ve made in your staff and systems, to improve social and environmental concerns in your business operations in the community.”

People and ESG Director Natasha Crump commented on the win: 

“I’m beyond proud of the entire Amoria Group as we were awarded Community Impact of the Year at last night’s REC awards for the projects we’ve delivered in Peru this year including building a soup kitchen, extending Project Peru’s Children’s refuge, decorating the refuge, and sendings 100s hampers of essentials again like we do every year to the most vulnerable community members.

This is only possible because of the awesome fundraising everyone across the business supported, and the #Peru2022 #dreamteam who travelled to Peru in June and worked tirelessly to deliver these projects and spend time with the refuge kids and staff.

THIS is ESG done right. THIS is a value-led company that walks the talk and actually puts giving back at the heart of our amazing #PROFES culture.”

CSR #InsideAmoria

Learn more about our ongoing CSR commitments in Peru and other global communities. If you want to work for a value-led company that progresses lives in the global community with action-led CSR commitments and activities, apply today to work for Amoria Bond