Renewable Energies in Europe 2022

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The EU wants to become climate-neutral by 2050 and renewable energy is considered the most i...

The EU wants to become climate-neutral by 2050 and renewable energy is considered the most important pillar for this energy transition. The demand for skilled professionals in this sector is therefore considered to be higher - and more difficult - than ever before. Solar engineers, energy managers, solar, environmental protection and water energy technicians - and many other specialists – are just some of the most in-demand roles throughout Europe. But where does most of that demand come from? What are the biggest challenges facing renewable energy developers? And what areas are likely to see the biggest growth in the coming years? 

In this short article, our renewables expert Mike Pye, who recruits for the European energy sector, offers his insights below to help you understand the trends and changes of this fast-moving industry across Europe. 

Europe's renewable energy targets

Europe wants to become cleaner and is well on track to do so: currently, 22% of EU-wide energy consumption already comes from renewables. In comparison, this share was only 14% in 2010. To this end, all countries - except France - had reached or exceeded their individual targets. For 2030, however, in order to reach the goal of climate neutrality in 2050, the EU has set an ambitious 32% target. It is becoming clear that countries and companies can only achieve this with an increased number of qualified professionals.

Renewable energy is a strongly emerging industry

Fortunately, renewable energy has long been a well-known and popular industry to work in in Europe, with renewable energy studies no longer a rarity in Europe. Especially in Germany, a country known for its engineering, there are many well-educated candidates: Biomass and wind energy account for the largest share of the workforce, followed by solar energy.

Advanced engineering makes up a large proportion of the professions in the renewable energy sector. For example, environmental engineers design solar cells, wind turbines, geothermal plants, hydropower plants, biofuels and biogas reactors, power grids, etc. From design and development of energy storage technologies to commission and installation of turbines to complex engineering of smart grids, these sorts of roles rely on solving problems and creating innovations – meaning they’re always appealing to engineers.

The largest renewable energy sectors

Of Europe's current 22% renewable energy consumption, 16.4% is wind power. Wind power is one of the most booming sectors among renewables, with varying degrees of coverage in different European countries. The top countries in Europe with the most installed wind power capacity are Germany, Spain, the UK, France and Italy. The European Commission estimates that by 2050, 30% of Europe's electricity demand will be met by offshore wind, i.e. 240-450 GW (compared to 22.1 GW at present).

But demand for solar power also continues to grow strongly. The 27 Member States of the European Union had around 25.9 GW of new solar PV capacity connected to their grids in 2021, a 34% increase on the 19.3 GW installed the previous year. Again, the German market is way out in front, followed by Spain, the Netherlands, Poland and France.

How do you find the right renewable energy professionals?

Increased demand means greater challenges for finding the best, most qualified professionals. Particularly when it comes to very specialist, technical positions within offshore and onshore solar, wind and battery storage projects. 

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