Should you accept a counter offer?

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Have you ever been presented a counter-offer after resigning from a role? It may seem flatte...

Have you ever been presented a counter-offer after resigning from a role? It may seem flattering at first, but today I want to talk about why counter-offers are not as appealing as they may seem and more importantly, how to confidently reject them.

Reason number one: Trust and loyalty. When you decide to leave a company, it's usually because you've carefully considered the options and made a well thought out decision. By accepting a counter-offer, you risk damaging the trust and loyalty that you have with your new employer.

Reason two: The underlying issues. If you were valuable enough for your employer to offer you the increase in pay and perks to stay, why weren't they offering you those things all along? Accepting a counter-offer might temporarily address the symptoms but won't fix the underlying issues that made you consider leaving in the first place.

Reason three: Future career growth. Staying with your current employer might seem comfortable in the short term, but it could limit your long-term career opportunities. Accepting a counter-offer may make it harder to explore new challenges and progress within your field in that company.

How to reject a counter offer gracefully. Now that we've discussed why counter-offers may not be in your best interest, let's talk about how to reject them gracefully. Here are a few key steps to follow:

Stay professional. Thank your employer for their consideration and express gratitude for the opportunity to work with them.

Be fair. Clearly state your decision to decline in counter-offer, emphasising that you've made a well considered decision to pursue your opportunities.

Offer a smooth transition. Assure your employer that you will do everything necessary to make the transition as seamless as possible. Be open to discussing a reasonable notice period.

Maintain positive relationships. Remember to leave on good terms, networking and building relationships are crucial in any industry, so make sure to maintain positive connections with your former colleagues.

To sum up, counter-offers may seem flattering, but they often come with long term risks. Remember to consider the reasons behind your decision to leave. Think about future career opportunities and have the confidence to reject counter offers gracefully. Trust your instincts and embrace new opportunities that will truly help you to achieve your professional goals.