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We are delighted to announce that we have just more than doubled the number of trees we've planted around the world, with 16,300 planted between April and August 2021 - and now even 8,600 more in  the first quarter of 2022!

This takes the total trees planted by Amoria Bond since July 2020 to a whopping 42,567 trees!! We won’t stop there, we want to plant a forest, and we’ll keep on planting trees until we do!!

In July 2020, the Amoria Bond Group started planting trees with non-profit reforestation partner, One Tree Planted to fulfil our CSR Commitment to plant 1:10:100:1000 trees:

  • We plant 1 tree for every NPS survey completed by our clients and candidates
  • 10 trees on behalf of every Amoria Bond employee, every year
  • 100 trees every time an Amoria Bond employee is promoted internally in celebration of their progression through our 10-Steps career program
  • 1000 trees every time we open an Amoria Bond office in new global locations

2100 of these latest trees we’ve planted are ‘employee promotion trees’ - 21 colleagues were promoted in the 4 months April to August, and another 7 have been promoted since then … so just imagine how many more promotion trees we will be planting at the end of the year! Each employee has chosen where they want their personal 100 trees to be planted in the world which has recently included Indonesia, Australia, Ghana, Peru, Brazil, Malawi, US, Europe, Canada, Vietnam, mangrove reservations in Asia & Chimpanzee habitats in Uganda... plus many more!

Why do we plant trees?

Trees are the ‘lungs of planet Earth’ and essential to our collective future and wellbeing. Trees provide habitat for more than 80% of global terrestrial biodiversity, jobs for over 1.6 billion people, and are the source of 25% of all key medicine ingredients – did you know aspirin comes from the bark of a tree?!

We believe our purpose progressing lives everywhere, is intrinsically linked to creating and protecting a healthy, sustainable environment, for ourselves and future generations.

Who are One Tree Planted?

We plant trees with non-profit One Tree Planted, because of their proven track-record of sustainable planting and reforestation. They are committed to protecting the trees they plant for the long-term, they work with local communities to provide local employment and protect their unique and fragile local ecosystems and biodiversity.

Listen to One Tree Planted Founder, Matt Hill, speaking to our own Founder, Daniel Daw, on our Progressing Lives Everywhere podcast by searching ‘progressing lives everywhere’ on your favourite podcast platform, or click here … we plant 1 tree every time this podcast is downloaded!

Find out more about our commitment to sustainable positive impact and our CSR policy here 

Amoria Bond: Progressing Lives Everywhere