20May, 2020

Insights Discovery and Communication

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Do you, or one of your team struggle to communicate with certain people in your life? Maybe, you have a certain type of personality that rubs you up the wrong way? In this webinar Nick Booth from SeventhWave will be guiding you through the intriguing world of Insight Discovery, with support from Andrew Beard, Associate Director at Amoria Bond. Nick and Andrew will help give you the tools to improve your conscious and unconscious communication with teams both in person and our new virtual world. In this webinar, Nick will take you through: - Helping individuals understand their own and others’ communication preferences - How you can connect better with your virtual colleagues to improve collaboration - Understanding that having a common language can help you overcome challenges and conflict - Help you build teams even in a virtual world and back in the workplace


Amoria Bond

Guest Speakers

Nick Booth

Owner and Partner of SeventhWave

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