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Date and time

08/03/2021 00:00:00



About This Event

Would you like actionable advice on how to achieve your organisational gender diversity goals and ambitions? Hosted by our very own Natasha Crump, ESG Director, and Leah Brown, Group L&D Manager, our ASCEND LIVE panellists include Katie Howard Cross, Co-founder of Eva Talent; Felicity Wingrove, Founder of Zen Communications; and Amy Steel, Associate Director at Coalesce Management Consulting. In this webinar, you will get practical insights into actions into attracting, retaining, progressing, and empowering women in STEM.

Host Speakers

Natasha Crump

ESG Director

Felicity Wingrove

Founder and Managing Director of Zen Communications

Leah Brown

Group L&D Manager

Katie Howard Cross

Co-founder of Eva Talent

Amy Steel

Associate Director at Coalesce Management Consulting