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04Jun, 2020

Managing Positive Returns to Work

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Facilitated by Nicky Coffin, Owner and Partner at Centred Excellence. Understanding how we deal with the process of change allows us to consider our responsibility in this space. Nicky will offer insight on how we best manage and support people returning to their places of work after working remotely. Understand how to help individuals get motivated, adjust quickly to the change, and how to deal with under performance. In this session Nicky will be covering questions such as these: How to manage and motivate your team effectively for a quick start Understand how to help individuals get motivated and adjust quickly to the change How to support their mindset and mental well being so you help them achieve the best results When to spot someone is struggling or de-motivated and how to get them back on track quickly


Amoria Bond

Guest Speakers

Nicky Coffin

Owner and Partner at Centred Excellence

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