ASCEND in Action: Overcoming and Embracing Imposter Syndrome

By Lisa Harding

Sales Performance Coach

Welcome to the ASCEND in Action Podcast Series, part of the Progressing Lives Everywhere Podcast, brought to you by the Amoria Group.  


In this podcast mini-series, we’ll be talking about and tackling some of the key topics when it comes to women in staffing and consulting - from why we need more women and what we bring to the industry, to our role in tackling gender bias and empowering and supporting each other. 

These conversations are designed to inspire, engage and show how together we can fulfil our potential, and progress our lives!


Episode 3 - Overcoming and Embracing Imposter Syndrome


Ever feel like a fraud at work?

This podcast episode dives into the struggle of impostor syndrome, especially for high-achieving women. Join your host, Lisa Harding, Senior Learning Development Consultant, as she speaks with Lisa Garner,
Group Learning and Development Manager, as together they crack the code on what triggers those feelings of "faking it till I make it" (spoiler alert: it's not actually your fault!).

Get ready to ditch the self-doubt and discover powerful strategies to silence your inner critic, challenge those limiting beliefs, and claim your rightful place at the top.

This episode is packed with actionable tips to boost your confidence and unleash your full potential, all while learning why workplaces are finally starting to take impostor syndrome seriously. 

So, it's time ditch the imposter and embrace the powerhouse you truly are!



  • Lisa, do you want to start by telling us a little bit about you, your background and the work that you do at Amoria Bond? 
  • A lot of people will have heard of imposter syndrome but for anyone who hasn’t: what is imposter syndrome and where do you think it stems from? 
  • Why do you think that it affect so many women? 
  • What can we do to overcome it? 
  • And finally, what hope do you see for the future when it comes to Imposter Syndrome? 


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Amoria Group are committed to walking the talk and, through our recruitment brand Amoria Bond and consultancy Coalesce Management Consulting, we work hard to create a positive and inclusive environment for everyone. The ASCEND program also offers a range of events both locally and group-wide, including 121 and group coaching, and hosting guest speakers, panel events and external industry events. Learn more about this and our other award-winning ED&I initiatives #InsideAmoria.

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