ASCEND in Action: The Power of Personal Branding and Authenticity

By Daisy Mcvey

Talent Attraction Specialist

This mini-series is part of Amoria Bond's Progressing Lives Everywhere Podcast and is brought to you through ASCEND: our Group initiative to attract, retain and progress more women in staffing and consultancy, regardless of seniority, tenure or role. Throughout the series we’ll be discussing and tackling some of the key topics when it comes to women in staffing and consulting - from why we need more women and what we bring to the industry to our role in tackling gender bias and empowering and supporting each other.

These conversations are designed to inspire, engage and show how together we can fulfil our potential and progress our lives!

Episode 1 - The Power of Personal Branding and Authenticity


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In this first episode of ASCEND In Action, Talent Attraction Specialist Daisy McVey talks to Team Manager Basma Shamoun about personal branding and authenticity. This episode isn't your typical "personal branding" episode filled with self-promotion tips... instead Basma shares a refreshing perspective: build your brand through your leadership values and actions, not through inauthentic self-promotion.

Intrigued? Dive in to hear Basma discuss the power of values like high standards, honesty, and even a dash of fun in building a strong personal brand.

The episode also tackles authenticity for recruiters, especially women in a male-dominated field. Discover how Basma fosters authenticity within her team while empowering them to develop their own unique styles.

This instalment is all about ditching the inauthenticity and cultivating genuine, values-driven leadership and personal brands. Learn how to build trust and thrive in recruitment by being your authentic self!

Amoria Group are committed to walking the talk and, through our recruitment brand Amoria Bond and consultancy Coalesce Management Consulting, we work hard to create a positive and inclusive environment for everyone. The ASCEND program also offers a range of events both locally and group-wide, including 121 and group coaching, and hosting guest speakers, panel events and external industry events. Learn more about this and our other award-winning ED&I initiatives #InsideAmoria.

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