Changing the Face of tomorrow's leaders, today with Emmanuel Ayoola

By Natasha Crump

ESG Director

On this episode of the Progressing Lives Everywhere podcast, we’re delighted to introduce passionate equality advocate Emmanuel Ayoola, Director of Fundraising at the Aleto Foundation - an organisation dedicated to enabling young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to fulfil their potential as future leaders of tomorrow. 

Hosted by ESG Director Natasha Crump, Emmanuel discusses and illustrates some of the barriers still preventing black professionals from progressing, and how proactive, responsible initiatives within organisations can be introduced to remove them. He also shares real-life insights into how bias and inequity can and does show up in the workplace, and ways to be an effective ally. 

This is an insightful episode with valuable advice for anyone looking to overcome systemic barriers in their career or learn how to create a more inclusive workplace with opportunities for everyone.

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You can also watch the full, unedited conversation between Emmanuel and Natasha in the video below. 

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