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Energy Leaders: Leading the Way in Community Engagement for Solar Companies (Podcast)

By Ben Wilkinson

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Welcome to the new ENERGY LEADERS series, and in our first episode - Ben Wilkinson sits down with John Lennon Miller.

Chaberton is a renewable energy company that strives to be the most efficient and effective developer of renewable energy projects. This mission is at the forefront of everything they do. The founders of Chaberton are experienced energy industry veterans who leverage their diverse backgrounds to identify better ways of originating, developing, and financing projects.

They aim to establish trust within the industry by developing high-quality projects and building a reputation among stakeholders, from local landowners to town, county, and state officials. Chaberton's mission is detailed, and they are driven by their three verticals: community engagement, project development, and project finance. They strive to be a model for doing things better and differently, with a focus on stakeholders rather than just their business.

In the podcast episode, John Lennon Miller discusses the challenges of educating the public about the benefits of solar energy, particularly community solar. He emphasizes the need to overcome myths and misconceptions about solar.

John believes that education needs to start at the grassroots level and that it is important to communicate the benefits of solar energy in a way that is understandable to landowners and the community. He also stresses the importance of collaboration and a common message within the renewable energy industry to better educate the public. 

The podcast episode also highlights the importance of having a clear vision and values and empowering employees to do their jobs. Chaberton operates based on their three core values of creativity, excellence, and humanity. They strive to incorporate these values into everything they do and give their employees the freedom to do their jobs. The CEO of Chaberton led the charge to make the organisation a public benefits corporation, which allows them to prioritise people over profits. 

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