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Progressing Lives by Fighting the Distraction Epidemic with Petra Keuchenius and Ineke Leemans

By Andrew Beard

Associate Director

We're delighted to welcome not one, but two special guests to this episode of the Progressing Lives Everywhere Podcast - Ineke Leemans and Petra Keuchenius!

Ineke and Petra are from the Potential Project; a research-led, global consulting and professional services firm who are on a mission to create a more human world of work by helping leaders and teams understand and manage their minds.

In this episode, they shed insight into why both organisations and individuals need to be fighting the distraction epidemic; for both better productivity, improved health and wellbeing, and more meaningful connections.

Expect to hear insights aplenty, from why organisations need to be paying attention to why their employees aren't paying attention, how focusing is key to unlocking progression; diagnosing action addiction; to implementable advice that we can all take heed of.

Hosted by Andrew Beard, Associate Director of Amoria Bond's Engineering Division Europe, this episode is an informative and important listen for anyone who looking to manage their mind, or help teams manage their minds.

Enjoy Petra and Ineke's valuable insights and advice by searching  “Progressing Lives Everywhere” on your preferred podcast platform.

You can also watch the full, unedited conversation between Petra, Ineke and Andrew in the video below. 

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