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Progressing Lives Through Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

By Natasha Crump

ESG Director

This week on the Progressing Lives Everywhere Podcast we're delighted to welcome Nicky Lowe, entrepreneur, accredited Executive Coach and podcaster.

As a double entrepreneur, award-winning coach, and most importantly: working mum, Nicky is full of  pragmatic advice for anyone balancing responsibilities and hoping to set their own path to success. 

In this episode, hosted by ESG Director Natasha Crump, Nicky teaches us how to use emotional intelligence to play to our strengths and unlock our own zone of genius. She also discusses why it's important to discuss wisdom for working mums, not just working parents; how to know when to take a leap of faith in your career, how to attract the best talent and the why it's important to manage your energy. 

Enjoy Nicky's invaluable advice and savvy tips by searching  “Progressing Lives Everywhere” on your preferred podcast platform.

You can also watch the full, unedited conversation between Nicky and Natasha in the video below. 

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