Progressing Lives Through Inspiring the Next Generation in STEM with Jo Wimble-Groves

By Natasha Crump

ESG Director

Continuing the lineup of inspirational guests on Season two, we're thrilled to welcome Jo Wimble-Groves to The Progressing Lives Everywhere Podcast!

From a "C-Grade student who left school at 16" to award-winning tech entrepreneur, business owner, STEM ambassador, published writer and much, much more; Jo certainly has some incredible accolades.

Hosted by Natasha Crump, ESG Director at Amoria Bond Group, this instalment sees Jo take us on a journey into her experiences as a young woman leading a tech company; where she gets her drive and inspiration from; why you don't need to be a graduate, mathematician or an A-Grade student to have a successful career in STEM; as well as hints and tips on how you can help bridge the gender gap that is so prevalent in STEM industries.

This episode is an informative and enjoyable listen for anyone in the STEM sector or anyone who is interested in hearing the journey of a female entrepreneur in the tech space.

Listen to the full podcast on the links below.