Progressing Lives Through Tailoring Your Communication with Esther Crichton

By Andrew Beard

Associate Director

Welcome to the third instalment of a special four-part mini-series of the Progressing Lives Everywhere Podcast - Progressing Lives Through Unlocking Effective Communication.

In this episode we're joined by Esther Crichton, a leadership and communications expert on the different ways we can practically apply different communication tools in organisations. to discuss how you can identify the different energies that tell us how people prefer to engage with each other, how to recognise the impact you're having on others, and and how you can adapt your own communication style to align with the preferences of those around you.

In this mini-series we've already explored practical communication tips with Sarah Hannah and Professor Damian Hughes, and in our final episode we'll be hearing from psycholinguist Felicity Wingrove

Listen now to episode 3 on your favourite podcast platform by searching for Progressing LIves Everywhere, or you can watch the full episode below. 

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