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Natasha Crump 18/08/2021 00:00:00

We're delighted to welcome Jason Stockwood, maverick tech CEO and published author to the latest episode of The Progressing Lives Everywhere Podcast!

Jason says that "as an entrepreneur, you always think your next project is going to be your most interesting one" - and from working at to to becoming the chair of Grimsby Town FC, it's clear that these are words that Jason lives by.

Along his journey, Jason has paved the way for value-led leadership and entrepreneurship in the tech space, and his book, "Reboot: A Blueprint for Happy, Human Business in the Digital Age" is a testament to this.

Hosted by Natasha Crump, ESG Director at Amoria Bond Group, this instalment sees Jason share what traits he attributes to being successful in entrepreneurial businesses and what success actually looks like, why having a growth mindset is a vital entrepreneurial trait, as well as tools and methods to progress everyone who is aspiring to better apply a purpose-driven/value-driven model or ethos to both business/their lives.

This episode is an informative and enjoyable listen for anyone in the STEM sector or anyone interested in hearing from an inspiring entrepreneur in the tech space. 

Listen to the full podcast on the links below.

Host Speakers

Natasha Crump

ESG Director

Guest Speakers

Jason Stockwood