Progressing Lives through Women in Technology, with Madelein Smit

By Arsalan Akbar

Senior Cybersecurity Recruitment Consultant

In this episode of The Progressing Lives Everywhere Podcast, we’re joined by Madelein Smit, CIO at EVBox to discuss the evergreen topic of Women in Technology. Covering the importance of mentoring, how working across different sectors has played a key part in her progression, and how technology is going to shape the future - both in the world of work and outside it - Arsalan and Madelein also discuss why empowering both men and women in the workplace will help achieve true equality. 

Hosted by Arsalan Akbar, Senior Cybersecurity Recruitment Consultant, this instalment is the perfect listen for those in the tech sector and anyone wanting to hear some inspiring anecdotes from Madelein's impressive career.

Listen to the full podcast on the links below.