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Lisa Harding Jan 19, 2022

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Progressing Recruiters Lives Everywhere Podcast, brought to you by Amoria Bond. 

From the first weeks of training through to life-changing success stories - in each episode of this podcast, we'll be exploring what life is like for those who work in recruitment, hearing from the people around the world who perform in the industry every day. 

In this episode, Performance Coach Lisa Harding speaks to Learning & Development specialist Rena Bahadori about the training and development that it takes to turn a new starter with no sales or recruitment experience into a successful recruiter. This rare insight into the people behind the recruiters offers valuable lessons on the different ways people develop, the benefits of continuous training throughout your career and the importance of giving people the right support to help them progress their recruitment careers. 

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Lisa Harding

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Rena Bahadori

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