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Amy Steel 06/01/2022 00:00:00

Welcome to the first episode of a brand new podcast from Amoria Bond: Progressing Recruiters Lives Everywhere.

From the first weeks of training through to life-changing success stories - in each episode of this podcast, we'll be exploring what life is like for those who work in recruitment, hearing from the people around the world who perform in the industry every day.

We believe that within recruitment, there are no limits to how far you can progress. We want to show you how and why choosing to work in recruitment could be the best decision – both for progressing your career, and progressing your life.

In this episode, Director of Renewable Energy Group within the CMC Division of Amoria Bond, Amy Steel, speaks to Senior Talent Acquisition Manager Jenny Walsh, about how they have progressed both their careers and their lives by working within recruitment at Amoria Bond, what success looks like in the industry and why you should consider a career in it too.

Listen to the full conversation here, or by searching "Progressing Recruiters Lives Everywhere" wherever you get your podcasts.


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Thanks for listening - join us next time for another episode of Progressing Recruiters Lives Everywhere!


Host Speakers

Amy Steel

Associate Director at Coalesce Management Consulting

Guest Speakers

Jenny Walsh