The Importance of Values and Culture in Recruitment: D&I at Amoria Bond

By Rena Bahadori

Learning and Development Specialist

There's always more to be done to create a truly inclusive and diverse workplace, and few - if any - companies can say they've got it completely right. But by creating internal initiatives that encourage inclusion and make it a fundamental part of your work culture, you can take positive, sustainable steps. 

At Amoria Bond, creating a diverse & inclusive workplace is one of our most important commitments and we do this by embedding our values around this into our culture. One of the most effective drivers for this is our internal Diversity & Inclusion committee and inclusion advocates in each office. Two of these advocates are Learning & Development Specialist Rena Bahadori and Senior Internal Recruiter Helen Cassin, who discuss the importance of D&I and the work we do ourselves on this week's Progressing Recruiters Lives Everywhere Podcast.

You can listen to the full episode via the following links, or by searching "Progressing Recruiters Lives Everywhere" wherever you get your podcasts. Or watch the full conversation in the video below. 


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