The Wellbeing Revolution in the Recruitment Industry (PRLE S3 E1)

By Helen Cassin

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Welcome to the first episode of our new season of the "Progressing Recruiters Lives Everywhere" podcast, brought to you by our awesome team at Amoria Bond.

In every episode, we're diving into the world of recruitment – from the early days of training to game-changing success stories. We're talking to real people in the industry worldwide to give you a sneak peek into what it's really like!

In this episode, Helen Cassin, Senior Principal Talent Attraction Specialist, talks to her colleague Andy Bluffield, Team Manager Embedded Electronics. They provide valuable insights into why wellbeing & fitness are becoming increasingly important in the recruitment industry (keyword: "the recruitment rollercoaster") - and how initiatives in the sector are evolving.

Helen and Andy are part of the Wellbeing and Fitness Committee in our Manchester office, but they also share lots of other cool initiatives from Amoria Bond.

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