Wellbeing and Mindfulness in the Recruitment industry: Insights and Advice

By Andrew Barrow

Associate Director

As anyone who follows our Progressing Recruiters Lives Everywhere podcast series already knows, recruitment is a fast-paced, challenging industry. While there are massive highs to be gained from successful placements and incredible benefits, there are tough moments too. It’s what’s known in the business as the “recruitment rollercoaster” and coping with the ups and downs can often be the biggest challenge. 

That’s why wellbeing and mindfulness in recruitment is so important, and it’s not just for individuals to manage this themselves, it needs to be built into the culture of the company. 

In this episode of Progressing Recruiters Lives Everywhere, Amoria Bond’s Group Learning & Development Manager Lisa Garner - an expert in delivering wellness incentives - talks to Associate Director Andrew Barrow about the importance of mindfulness in the recruitment industry and the steps that can be taken on an individual and business-wide level to maintain this. 

You can listen to the full episode via the following links, or by searching "Progressing Recruiters Lives Everywhere" wherever you get your podcasts. Or watch the full conversation in the video below. 


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