IT Security

IT security has never been more critical to business. In 2020 cyber-attacks reached an all-time high across the world, with attacks occurring on average every 46 seconds - making a skilled and knowledgeable IT security expert crucial for business continuity and risk mitigation. 

Our recruitment experts are specialised in delivering candidates with advanced technical skill sets. So whether you're looking for your next IT security analyst or head of cybersecurity operations, we will help you find the best person to protect your business against hackers and cyber-criminals. With an average company-wide NPS of 62 - compared to the industry average of just 30 - you can be sure that you are in safe hands as our clients like working with us and would recommend our services to others. 

We build relationships with the most skilled IT security professionals through our global candidate network to ensure that we can quickly deliver relevant experts when you need them. We can fulfil your urgent hiring needs within 24-48 hours through our pipeline of interim contractors and freelancers and secure permanent and senior professionals for your long-term IT security goals within just 2-4 weeks.   

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