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How will the IR35 off-payroll legislation impact my business?

Amoria Bond, Feb 9, 2021

How will the IR35 off-payroll legislation impact my business? From April 2021, end-hirers will be responsible for all contractor tax determinations under new ...


Wellbeing at Work Matters

Amoria Bond, Jan 18, 2021

Delivering outstanding results and achieving big success at work leads to happiness, right? WRONG. In reality, it's the other way around! Happiness is the ...


Progressing Lives through Women in Technology, with Madelein Smit

Arsalan Akbar, Jan 6, 2021

In this episode of The Progressing Lives Everywhere Podcast, we’re joined by Madelein Smit, CIO at EVBox to discuss the evergreen topic of Women in Technolog...


Black History Month 2020 - Book Club

Natasha Crump, Oct 16, 2020

Looking for a page-turner? Why not try one of the books recommended for the Amoria Bond Book Club by our UK Inclusion Advocates in light of Black History Mon...


How to tell if your best employee is planning to quit

Natasha Crump, Oct 6, 2020

Losing talent is disruptive and costly, but many employers still miss the signs that someone is considering leaving, or about to resign. Being aware of what to...


How to avoid a talent exodus

Natasha Crump, Oct 6, 2020

The observation that we are ‘living in unprecedented times’ is becoming tiresome for many of us - aside from simply being over-used, it’s also acutely obvious!...


5 Tips for Remote Onboarding

Amoria Bond, Mar 26, 2020

If you’re a thriving, people-centric business like ours, chances are you will face the prospect of remote onboarding in the near future. We have learnt a thing...


Challenges and Solutions to Hiring Data Scientists

Amoria Bond, Oct 3, 2019

With Data Scientists topping the list as one of the best emerging jobs, LinkedIn made a prediction earlier this year that it would be the most promising for...

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