Amoria Bond Successfully Complete Charity Pledge

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The Amoria Bond Charitable Trust is proud to confirm the successful completion of their pled...

The Amoria Bond Charitable Trust is proud to confirm the successful completion of their pledge to build 100 new homes for the people of Las Laderas, Peru!  The Trust actually built 101 new houses homing over 500 people, with the final build of houses being completed in August 2017.   

A voluntary team of Amoria Bond staff travelled to Peru at the beginning of August to undertaken the final leg of home building working alongside local workers from charity Project Peru charity, local builders, and members of the Las Laderas community.  This was the third such employee-trip Amoria Bond have made over the past 6 years.

All volunteers gave up annual leave, paid for their own travel and living expenses, and raised at least £1000 each towards the cost of building the new homes.  In addition, hundreds of colleagues, friends, family-members, suppliers, candidates and clients have donated time and money to fund the project and ensure its’ success.

Everyone directly involved in the project was struck by the warmth, kindness and generosity of the people of the Las Laderas community.  The project not only provided new homes for those most in need within an impoverished community, it also provided employment for the many labourers and builders who live locally.

The lives of those families who received one of the new homes have been transformed as one recipient told us; “This is like a dream. Having a solid floor and roof means my children won’t get ill from the cold & damp. Thank you from our hearts” Another mother said: “We don’t know how to say thank you enough. Life is tough for us here and this home means we are safe and secure & I can go out to work”

The Charity has pledged to continue working with Project Peru and the Las Laderas to further improve the infrastructure of this township in the future including provision of funding for the local refuge and soup-kitchen run by Project Peru, as well as annual Christmas food hampers for local families.